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We have released five 7" singles.
pint cover Pint Of Blood b/w Define My Life
1988, Sonic Boom Records
Our first recorded effort. Both songs were recorded and mixed in one afternoon at the Underground Studio in Minneapolis. The cover was handmade and glued, and the record was self distributed to record stores in the Twin Cities area. We pressed 500 (if I remember right), and sold probably 250.
fover cover Favor b/w Plastic
1992, Douphonic/ Big Money Inc.
In 1991 we released the album "Jacket Made In Canada" The people at Douphonic heard the song "Favor" and offered to release it in the UK as a single, which they did in 1992.
cheeses cover I Am The Walrus b/w Sign Of The Times
1992, Big Money Inc.
Originally called "More Popular than Cheeses", this single was our last effort for Big Money. It originally was going to include a hand drawn poster parody of the Sgt Pepper album cover, but we nixed it at the last minute. The flip side is a Prince song.
Raleigh cover Raleigh b/w Rosa, Walls
1992, Touch and Go Records
After signing to T&G we wanted to put something out fairly quickly, so we picked a couple of songs from the 4-track demos of what was to be our next record ("Pull") and released it as a single. "Raleigh" made it onto the album, "Walls" and "Rosa" didn't.
cptain allen cover Captain Allen b/w White Elephant
1995, Touch and Go Records
Realizing that it had been a year since we had released "Xerxes", and that it would be another 8 months until we would get our next album finished and released, we released a preview single in the fall of 1995.

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