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Cal Robbins
Our friend, former Jawbox/Burning Airlines member, J. Robbins' son Cal is suffering from Type 1 Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This is a horrible genetic disease that interferes with the brains ability to control the voluntary muscles. It is often fatal.

J and his wife Janet are pursuing many options for treatment. Unfortunately these options are very expensive. If you would like to help out, Desoto Records has set up a donations page.

Arcwelder (well, mostly Scott) has contributed a song to the "For Callum" CD compilation. All proceeds from the CD go to help J and Janet with treatment options for Callum. There are a lot of cool people who have contributed time and effort to the project - check it out. Our song is called "The Hope" and is previously unreleased.

T&G 25th

There is video of us from the T&G 25th Anniversary Show on the T&G site

The Touch and Go Records 25th Anniversary Show was absolutely phenominal! It was a great honor to be included in such an amazing lineup of bands. We took a few pictures too.

Our record label

NYC - 91.1 fm
Great eclectic radio from New York City. Scott's favorite radio station. They introduced him to The Shaggs.

Captain Beefheart
Scott says: If you are a Captain Beefheart fan like I am (and not many are) this is a great web site. Truckloads of info on the man who skewered the blues in a way no other artist has before or since.

Mike Watt's
Obscenely detailed web page from Mike Watt.

Friends of ours made good. They have done videos for a bunch of cool folks like Babes in Toyland, Afghan Whigs, Soul Asylum, and the Cranberries.

Font designer Chank gives away a free font every week, and usually has some pretty amusing stuff at his site. Besides, Arcwelder's own Scott "Woodrow" Macdonald designed a font for Chank. It's called Irondale - and it free!   Here's what is looks like:

   download it

A Derek Hess
Show Poster
Derek does phenomenal work - check it all out.

Gill Music
Andy Gill from Gang Of Four's website. One of our very favorite guitar players of all time.

Dan Kaniess
Dan is a good friend - and one of Scott's former band mates (there have been many, BTW). He puts up a new piece of art every day.

WMCN Radio
In the past Scott sometimes had a radio show playing 70s punk, 80s post punk on Macalester College radio, 91.7 FM, WMCN

Pop Group
A great, but obscure, early 80's punk funk band

Seems like all (ex-)punks have gone into either web design or graphic design these days. Gerard has done both.

Web Casts
Back in the day, there were a bunch of 7th Street Entry shows at DCN, and one from The Empty Bottle in Chicago on Supersphere, but they all seem to have gone away now. If anyone has any info on these let us know.

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