Jacket Made In Canada Cover The title so amusing no one else has ever even considered using it!

Jacket was released in 1991 on the Minneapolis label Big Money, Inc. It contains 12 new songs as well as the entire contents of our first record This. 24 Songs in All!
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Lyrics (all lyrics (C) 1994 arcwelder)
Harmonic Instrumental
Hint Taken
When Your Gone
I Hates To Lose
Bob Sez

Harmonic Instrumental (music arcwelder, words s.macdonald)

Now the closets are empty used to be full
Empty lover standing where once there was a soul
Touch down come down
You can lose your footing when you chase after a dream
Emotions forming gateways not as open as they seem

All I want is some body to take me in their arms say 'sall right
I have wanted that all a long don't worry I won't hold my breath

Why waste time and money what we know is the truth 
Funny all of our lives when they blast through the roof 
Come down touch down 
A body at rest stays at rest all decided long ago 
Nothing in the language how well I know 


Daydream (music r.graber, words s.macdonald) I can't stop this daydream in my life
You dodge the edge of the daydream in my mind 
Why do you try to stop this good thing all the time 

Bigger, fatter, wider, deeper still 
I'd have my back against the wall be climbing up that hill 

I try to control the brushfire in my life 
You fan the flames of the brushfire ever higher 
You have always been very powerful to me 

Bigger, fatter, wider, deeper still 
I'd have my back against the wall be climbing up that hill 

Hint Taken (music w.graber/s.macdonald, words s.macdonald) It seems one day that you'll be spitting the next day you are sitting 
next to him holding his hand
It all adds up to aggravating it all adds up to irritating 
I'm afraid I don't understand 
One day you say that you hate him the next week you act like you love him 
why can't you make up your damn mind 
Before my company was welcome today I am an imposition 
happens to me all of the time 

Hear all the sights , see all the sounds 
I'll always be frustrated again 

I throw myself into the fire and I will burn for my desire 
fall to my death upon the rocks 
These setbacks take their toll upon me I try too hard and I will 
finally trap myself here with my own locks 
What I've seen really shouldn't matter you'd think that I had always had her 
why must I always feel so hurt 
I never have to ask for heartache I stop to dream and I get heartbreak 
clouds won't keep me from hitting dirt 

Hear all the sights , see all the sounds 
I'll always be frustrated again 

I understand it that you don't understand it and it's weighing heavy on your heart 
What can I tell you that I don't have answers but I guess you knew that from the start  

Favor (music r.graber, words s.macdonald) Gonna do myself a favor, quit while I'm behind 
It seems like all this hanging on will only mess up my mind 
And don't have many options at least none I can find 
It always seems so hard to take when what you're weaving unwinds 

Gonna do myself a favor, quit while I'm ahead 
Take some time to lick my wounds and write some music instead 
Take it out of me and purify what's left here in my soul 
Funny how what seems so free can take a very big toll 

Gonna do myself a favor, write it off as lost 
What I have to show from this does not keep up with the cost 
Gonna look around and think about the next step I should take 
Pull it back together the best decision I'll make  

When You're Gone (music r.graber, words s.macdonald)

Think about the earth and the sun and the moon 
Tell me how we should react when they turn into your spittoon 
You'd like to make as much as your age by twenty five 
I'd like to make a lasting impression while I'm still alive 

When you're gone 

Time to take a serious look at what really counts 
I won't judge people by sizes of bank accounts 
It makes no sense when the working is so hard 
Money is money is cash you can't send me a postcard 

When you're gone 

You somehow come you somehow go is there something more you need to know 
No insight love or lasting pain but you know it isn't just some game and all this means 
I know one thing this is this is happiness I guess and all I really know is this 

When you're gone...  

Staback (s.macdonald) If I turn my head the other way won't nobody know better
If no one has a thing to say nothing will ever upset her 
If I never wear a suit or tie I don't think it will matter 
If I strike out while I'm at the plate they'll forgive me with the very next batter 

[bridge & chorus]
It seems this thing is killing me and 
I can't find a way out 
Everything that's been done 's been done for ease 
Eliminate possibilities 
I choke myself with my own hand 
I'm drawing circles in the sand 

When my hands are cold and my hair is gray will they ever remember 
When my eyes were bright will it all be December 
When it comes down to my own true thoughts I always think about leaving 
When I run away and I leave the rest who will be doing the grieving 

[bridge & chorus] 

And I don't know what I do this for is it only a living 
And I forget it all when I close the door could it be mine for the giving 
And I try to bring myself around think about something or other 
And my head is down and I hide myself from the eyes of a staring big brother 

[bridge & chorus] 

I Hates To Lose (s.macdonald)

I played my cards, I played them badly 
I didn't think she'd move on to better things 
I gave my love, I gave it gladly 
How I hate when you wait in the wings 
She wanted you, she wouldn't tell me 
Told my self that it'd work out this way 
My thoughts of you are quite unhealthy 
Why do I feel like a big shitheel today? 

I hate to lose to a man like you 
after she said that you were no good to me 
I hate to lose to a man like you 
After she said that you were no threat to me 

[repeat above until bored out of skull]  

Bob Sez (r.graber)


Missing (w.graber)
Plastic (w.graber)
Left (w.graber)
Everything (w.graber)
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