Everest Cover
Oh, so that's where it came from
Our 6th album. Released in October of 1999, once again on Touch and Go Records. 14 songs. Available on CD (sorry no vinyl this time - it cost to much). Recorded and mixed at Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, once again with engineer extraordinaire and all around-married-guy Robert Weston, IV.
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Lyrics (all lyrics (C) 1999 arcwelder)
Never The Same
Do Something Right
I Know How You Are
Treasured Island
All In Good Time
Paying Respect
Why Did I Care?
Will You Stay?
Witness To
You Will
A Ghostly Bishop
Never Counted
I Gave This Up For You

Never The Same (music: arcwelder lyrics: s.macdonald)

You are floating   awash in your sea.  Where does that leave me?
You slashed me   and when you slashed it altered the past. 
I'm post trauma    sorting the shards of my scattered cards 
You left me           one more judgment day for my resume.

We're never the same 
We both share the blame
So why did I ask you?
'cause now that I've asked you I'd have to say 
that love won't find a way 

You were thinking   of running away from the first day
You were hinting     but I couldn't see meant too much to me 
I'm obsessing         Turn off the brain and lock out the pain
I'm struggling          trying to get back what my ego lacks


So why did I ask you what I didn't want to know
Thrashing and sinking in your ego's undertow

You are floating         awash in your sea where does that leave me
Bruised and battered  alone and afraid mistakes have been made
What an honor           when you ran to him he took off again
In the long run           so I was betrayed but all wounds will fade 


Do Something Right (music: arcwelder lyrics: w.graber)

I Know How You Are (music: w.graber/arcwelder lyrics: w.graber)

Treasured Island (music: arcwelder lyrics: s.macdonald)

Try to do a favor it catches up later when I don't give a mile
Write a little note murder's all you wrote why don't you put me on trial 

OK    I know   that I    am wrong 

Really like to walk the talk that I talk but you make it so hard 
Didn't want to hurt you selfish not a virtue I played the wrong card 

OK    I know   that I    am wrong 

But it's not my fault
    if your treasured island
won't open up 
    to be filled with your love 

Guess that I will punt after your little stunt drove me away 
Odds are getting thin I lose and you win that's what you want me to say 

OK I know that I am wrong 

Rather be a help not your little whelp not a curse but a friend 
End of my rope I can only hope things work out in the end 

OK I know that I am wrong 


All In Good Time (music: arcwelder lyrics: w.graber)

Chicken (music: s.macdonald/arcwelder lyrics: s.macdonald)

He who hesitates is me
My indecision's yours to see
I have these words to say
But they don't come til you're away 

All I want to do is define 
The grey areas yours and mine 
Mind races excuse excuse
I can't pry my tongue loose

I am a Chickenshit 
Libido's low my heart's with it 
So I write this dubious hit
I am a Chickenshit 

The subject's getting old 
I strike while the iron's cold 
I could tell you anything 
Except what my tongue won't bring 
I've had enough of this
Wounds with a lemon twist 
What's that on your left hand shadows of a wedding band 


Why repeat the past
Memories will last
Not a lot to say 
Say it anyway 

What is past you now 
Seems a sacred cow 
All I wanted was to give us both some hope 
I'm not good enough 
I'm not strong enough 
To be creator and destroyer of the rope 
Are you sitting down 
Yes you're sitting down 
You should be running but your past's a ball and chain 
You know all about the first step 
But can you take what comes next 
The wind's direction doesn't need a weather vane
Are you happy now?
Are you happy now
I was open but your walls were in the way 
Just a little faith in me 
Just a little empathy 
You could be dealing with a different man today 

Sit down
Sit down

Paying Respect (words/music: w.graber)

Why Did I Care? (music: arcwelder lyrics: s.macdonald)

Wish I weren't so sensitive - that I could blow it off 
and wish you the best but that's just me and I just can't 
Didn't even care at first but you reeled me in 
and now I'm hanging here deboned and gutted 

What was I doing?     What was I thinking?
Where was I going?    Why did I care?
What was I doing ?    What was I thinking?
What was I asking?    Why did I care?

Keep your distance so I can heal - don't you pick at my scabs
I can't allow myself to feel but I'm weak and I want you
It's not my fault that you don't know what you want 
I will laugh at this tomorrow if I can ever fall asleep 


Some days are better than others - this must be one of those others
So I hide behind the fans - they make me feel OK 
I will pull myself out of this - there is light at the end of the tunnel 
As long as you don't blow it out with your sweet and sour breath


Will You Stay? (words/music: w.graber)

Head (words/music: w.graber)

Witness (music: r. graber/s.macdonald lyrics: s.macdonald)

Can I get a witness 
To your constant pain
Hear you're spinning downwards
Thought you were the same
Take some pride in who you are 
Stop the tide of self defeat
Can I get a witness 
Not someone to blame

Throwing rocks at glass houses shatters everything
Is there anyone I know who hasn't done the same?
But it's all their fault and you didn't do nothin' did you now?
And it's all their fault and you didn't do nothin' did you now?

Can I get a witness 
Where's your sense of pride 
I know you used to have one 
It's been pushed aside
Think about responsibility 
You don't have to be the victim 
Can I get a witness 
Not just one more ride 

And you want to play all aces, all you have's a duce
You're the last one at the table anyway 
And we all make mistakes but we all learn from them and move on 
And we all make mistakes but we all learn from them and move on 

Can I get a witness
Is there one at all 
What's the best for yourselves
Is what you both recall
Drop it now and move along 
Everyone has forgotten it 
Can I get a witness 
To your free fall 

Cause I worry that this story's just the iceberg's tip
It gets so hard to know just what I believe 
But it's all about trust and you know I trust you I do now 
And it's all about trust and you know I trust you I do now 

Can I get a witness?
Can I get a witness?

You Will (words/music: w.graber)

A Ghostly Bishop (music: arcwelder lyrics: w.graber/s.macdonald)
(This is only Scott's part. There is a completely unrelated Bill's part as well) 

The thing that gets me down
On the second time around
Is I left but now
I'm back in the same place
Shoot an arrow through my heart
Tie an anchor to my cart 'til
I've lost my sense of self to self-efface
The business end's grown cold 
Cause you're not allowed to be old
And I'm rooting for a horse that never pays 
And I take it out on me 
Repeat my history 
And waste the time that no one can replace 
My subjects stay the same Love and work and fame 
You could set your clock to follow my retrace 
So here I am again 
Unhappy where I am 
But too afraid to stare me in the face

Never Counted (words/music: w.graber)

I Gave This Up For You (words/music: w.graber)

Paul McCartney, 1988: "We were stuck for an album title and the album didn't appear to have any obvious concept, except that it had all been done in the studio and it had been done by us. And (studio engineer) Geoff Emerick used to have these packets of Everest cigarettes always sitting by him, and we thought, 'That's good (Everest), it's big and it's expansive.' ...but we didn't really like it in the end. We said, 'Nah, come on! You can't name an album after a ciggie packet!'"