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Everest CD 1999 Touch & Go Records
Entropy CD 1996 Touch & Go Records
Captain Allen b/w White Elephant 7" 1995 Touch & Go Records
Xerxes CD 1994 Touch & Go Records
Pull CD 1993 Touch & Go Records
Raleigh b/w Walls 7" 1992 Touch & Go Records
I Am The Walrus b/w Sign of the Times 7" 1992 Big Money, Inc.
Favor b/w Plastic >7" 1992 Douphonic
Jacket Made In Canada* CD 1991 Big Money, Inc.
This CD 1990 Big Money, Inc.
Pint of Blood b/w Define My Life 7" 1988 Sonic Boom Records
*The "Jacket" CD also contains "This"

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CDs and 45s are available at insound.com
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